100 Educational Activities about Light and Photonics Booklet

Learn about the wonders of light and photonics by using 100 educational activities

The e-book 100 educational activities about Light and Photonics is a quick reference guide to freely available resource for teachers  and educators. The list of activities consists of educational activities for children 6 years and older and includes material developed by Opticks4Kids, Exploratorium.edu, the Optical Society, TeachEngineering and Universe Awareness, among others. The e-book is available as an Open Educational Resource and the source file is available for translations and adaptations.  

These activities have been curated by the Universe Awareness Programme (UNAWE) based at Leiden University within the framework of the LIGHT2015 project to celebrate the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies 2015 (IYL 2015).

You cand find the list activities on the IYL 2015 website.