The second LIGHT2015 Photonics Explorer Trainers Workshop was a success!

In the framework of the LIGHT2015 project, EYEST organised the second LIGHT2015 Photonics Explorer Trainers Workshop on 5 May 2015 in Brussels, Belgium.

Participants of the workshop. Credit: EYESTvzw
Participants of the workshop. Credit: EYESTvzw

EYEST organised this second Photonics Explorer Trainers Workshop for several new Local Associated Partners from various regions of Europe. Five persons from four different countries (Denmark, Sweden, Italy and Belgium) participated in this ‘training for trainers’ session. They could experience doing the hands-on experiments with components from the Photonics Explorer kit. With this practical information about the kit and its content, they will be able to organise teacher workshops in their own country.

In the framework of the LIGHT2015 project, EYESTvzw will engage new Local Associated Partners (LAP) to distribute 250 Photonics Explorer kits to teachers in 10 European countries.

About LIGHT2015

LIGHT2015 is a European project funded through the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme of the European Commission. It aims to promote the importance of photonics to young people, entrepreneurs and the general public in all Member States of the EU during the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies 2015 (IYL 2015).

LIGHT2015 activities will include LIGHTtalks, a series of inspirational events, which will take place throughout the European Union in different cities at different times for the whole duration of the project in order to bring photonics closer to students and entrepreneurs. A specific series of events targeted to local industry and entrepreneurs, will take place during the period 25-28 September 2015 to take advantage of the international “100 Hours / Weekend of Light” of the global IYL 2015 programme.

Another highlight of LIGHT2015 will be a community experiment on smartphone photonics where thousands of participants from throughout the EU will carry out optical measurements of the sky to yield information related to air pollution. To aid teachers and to inspire student, Photonics kits will be distributed to schools around Europe to support the scientific education at secondary schools.

LIGHT2015 Partners include the European Physical Society (EPS), the European Optical Society (EU), the Institute of Photonics Sciences (ICFO), Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI) the National University of Ireland Galway (NUI), Universiteit Leiden and EYESTvzw.


Nathalie Debaes
LIGHT2015 Coordinator at EYESTvzw

David Lee
LIGHT2015 Coordinator

Jorge Rivero González
LIGHT2015 Project Officer