LIGHTtalks in Six European Countries to Celebrate the Weekend of Light

The LIGHT2015 project will organize six LIGHTtalks events in six different European countries around the celebration of the International Year of Light Weekend of Light, a global celebration over 25-28 September to promote the important of photonics to society that so far have planned activities in more than 50 countries around the world.

LIGHTtalks are inspirational events with live presenters from the scientific and industrial communities speaking about different aspects of photonics, in a predefined format, to promote the importance of photonic technologies to the public. Particular targets are students, entrepreneurs and industry leaders, highlighting photonics as a driver of entrepreneurship and industry. Originated on the GoPhoton! project, the LIGHT2015 project will replicate these events around Europe. Check the LIGHT2015 Event Programme for the latest updates.



On 23 September the Danish Optical Society in collaboration with the student chapters of The Department of Photonics, The Technical University of Denmark, will host a LIGHTtalk: Careers in Photonics at the Technical University of Denmark. The purpose of the event is to inspire the participants to pursue a career within optics and photonics, and the event is mainly targeted students and newly educated engineers. Presenters from academic, industrial and entrepreneurial communities will give talks about their career path and their daily work with optics and photonics.

The list of presenters is:

Thor Ersted Ansbæk, Entrepreneur and co-founder of OCTLight

Mads Brøkner Christiansen, Project manager at 3Shape

Jes Broeng, head of the innovation team at The Departments of Photonics, The Technical University of Denmark and co-founder of NKT Photonics A

S Karsten Rottwitt, professor and group leader at The Departments of Photonics, The Technical University of Denmark
Martijn Wubs, associate professor, The Departments of Photonics, The
Technical University of Denmark

Sidsel Rübner Papior, chairwoman of the Danish Optical Society and R&D engineer at NKT Photonics A/S


This LIGHTtalk: The Power of Photonics is organized by the SAPIENZA Università di Roma on 23 September in Rome. The event is part of the BILOBA Workshop, which is included on the satellite activities of the NanoItaly 2015 Forum that will be hosted on September 21st-24th 2015 in the Civil and Industrial Engineering Faculty of the Sapienza University of Rome. The Workshop sessions will be held in the historical seat of the Faculty, in the area of the Renaissance Cloister by Sangallo, few steps away from the Coliseum.

Advances in Optical Biosensing Technologies is a one-day workshop focused on the latest advances and applications of optical biosensing technologies in life sciences. It aims at bringing together the technology inventors and providers and the end-users. The open workshop is one of the communication and dissemination activities of the BILOBA Project.

The meeting will review the considerable progress in the field and provide information on the most practical emerging techniques. This is a chance for optical sensing techniques users everywhere to glimpse the latest applications and to help shape the future of research in their field.

You can find more information about the event here.


The LIGHTtalk: the Power of Photonics event will take place in Szeged, Hungary on 25 September. The session will be composed of a series of experienced speakers delivering talks that illustrate how photonics can be used and bring added value to various industries.

Prof. Dr. Gábor Szabó, the President of the Hungarian Association for Innovation will deliver the keynote lecture, which will be followed by Inspirational talks by

Dr. Markus Wunsch (AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Ltd.)

László Balázs (GE LIGHTING)

Dr. Sándor Puskás (MOL GROUP)



Bayer Gábor (77 ELEKTRONIKA Ltd.)

The presentations will be followed by a round table discussion and the event will conclude in a networking dinner.

More Information:


On 26 September, the Portuguese Society of Optics and Photonics (SPOF) will organize a LIGHTtalk: Careers in Photonics during the IYL 2015 Weekend of Light in Aveiro, Portugal.

The development of research in Optics and Photonics in Portugal had a significant boost during the last decade. A number of photonics startups and companies were established and are gaining well deserved prestige both nationally and internationally. On the other hand traditional and well established industrial companies are turning into Photonics in order to improve their operation. In the frame of the International Year of Light and implemented within the LIGHT2015 European project, the Portuguese Society for Optics and Photonics (EOS affiliated Society) will organize on 26 September 2015 at Hotel Melia Ria in Aveiro, Portugal.

The meeting aimed to the Portuguese industry will include presentations from ten Portuguese optics and photonics industries and companies employing photonics’ innovations and or active in the field of  photonics.

You can find more information here.


This LIGHTtalk: The Power of Photonics is organized by the Croatian Physical Society (CPS) on 29 September in Zagreb.

The central Year of Light activity of the CPS is organizing a symposium/workshop entitled "Man and the Light". President of the Scientific Committee is Dr. Vuko Brigljevic, the president of the CPS, and the president of the Organizing Committee is Dr. Nazif Demoli, local coordinator of the CPS. All presentations are by invitation only. This event is open to public and without fees for participation of national top scientists and the experts involved in optics. Details are given in the overview.

The symposium will be held under the auspices of the Croatian Academy of Science and Art. Five main sessions are integrated into the event programme and spread over the two days, from September 29 to 30. The sessions are: 1. Plenary lectures, 2. LIGHTtalk: The Power of Photonics, 3. Light in Science and Technology, 4. Light in the Medical Sciences, and 5. Light in art and culture. The Workshop and Exhibition will be held under auspices of the Museum of Contemporary Art, from October 1 to 5.



This LIGHTtalk: Careers in Photonics is organized by the German Physical Society on 30 September in Stuttgart, Germany. The event will take place during the European MINT Convention.

This event is meant for university students, as well as high school students and general public to highlight the importance of Photonics as a career option, its potential, and the fact that people with different backgrounds have come to work in photonics, the same as that people use photonics to work in different disciplines.

German Professionals working in photonics will talk about their experience working in this area and will give students a sense of the diversity of professions that work with light and light-based technologies.

You can find more details here.

About LIGHT2015

LIGHT2015 is a European project funded through the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme of the European Commission. It aims to promote the importance of photonics to young people, entrepreneurs and the general public in all Member States of the EU during the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies 2015 (IYL 2015).

LIGHT2015 activities will include LIGHTtalks, a series of inspirational events, which will take place throughout the European Union in different cities at different times for the whole duration of the project in order to bring photonics closer to students and entrepreneurs. A specific series of events targeted to local industry and entrepreneurs, will take place during the period 25-28 September 2015 to take advantage of the international “100 Hours / Weekend of Light” of the global IYL 2015 programme.

Another highlight of LIGHT2015 will be a community experiment on smartphone photonics where thousands of participants from throughout the EU will carry out optical measurements of the sky to yield information related to air pollution. To aid teachers and to inspire student, Photonics kits will be distributed to schools around Europe to support the scientific education at secondary schools.

LIGHT2015 Partners include the European Physical Society (EPS), the European Optical Society (EU), the Institute of Photonics Sciences (ICFO), Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI) the National University of Ireland Galway (NUI), Universiteit Leiden and EYESTvzw.


Jorge Rivero González
LIGHT2015 Project Officer

David Lee
LIGHT2015 Coordinator