LIGHTtalks:The Power of Photonics | Croatia

Sep 29.

This LIGHTtalk: The Power of Photonics is organized by the Croatian Physical Society on 29 September to be held in Zagreb.

The event is part of the Symposium Man and the Light that will be held under auspices of the Croatian Academy of Science and Art ( Five main sessions are integrated into the event programme and spread over the two days, from September 29 to 30. The sessions are: 1. Plenary lectures, 2. LIGHTtalk: The Power of Photonics, 3. Light in Science and Technology, 4. Light in the Medical Sciences, and 5. Light in art and culture. The Workshop and Exhibition will be held under auspices of the Museum of Contemporary Art (, from October 1 to 5.

Contact: Dr. Nazif Demoli (

September 29, 20152015-09-29T12:00:00
Zagreb, Croatia