LIGHTtalks: The Power of Photonics | Malta

Mar 21.

Organizer: Physics Department, University of Malta

Venue: Fortress Builders (Valletta, Malta)

Since for economies that are IT-based, light plays an important role since it underlies most long-distance networking technology. Without light, broadband services in Malta would be just a dream.

To celebrate the International Year of Light the Department of Physics at the University of Malta is holding a half-day event on Monday, March 21, to discuss the importance of light-based telecommunications in Malta. Our guest of honour will be Prof. Philip Russell, Director of the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light in Erlangen, Germany. Prof. Russell was instrumental in developing an entirely new kind of optical fiber in the 1990s, which promises better performance than the present-day technology.

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March 21, 20162016-03-21T12:00:00
Valletta, Malta