LIGHTtalks: The Power of Photonics | Germany

Oct 13.

The Photonics Cluster in Berlin and Brandenburg is characterized by a strong scientific basis and a high amount of specialized small and medium-sized companies with widely ranged know-how – a perfect basis for a mutual transfer between science and industry, and innovation driver for other branches.

In line with the international year of light a series of events aims to create awareness about the economic and industrial potential of photonics and the opportunities to create new innovation areas in existing businesses.

On October 13, 2015 LIGHTtalks - a special event organized by the Berlin-Brandenburg photonics cluster will focus on Microsystems technology and optical sensor technology.

The session will be composed of a series of experienced speakers delivering talks that illustrate how a broad spectrum of photonic applications can be used and bring value add to industry.

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October 13, 20152015-10-13T12:00:00
Berlin, Germany