LIGHTtalks: Careers in Photonics | England

Oct 15.

This LIGHTtalk: Careers in Photonics is organized as accompaning event to Photonex to be held in Coventry, England.

Do you know if there is a future in physics and photonics for you? How do you know? Do you know what is photonics all about?
Calling all prospective physics students, join us at Ricoh Arena, a well known venue in Coventry, home of “The Wasps” and a multi-function venue with impressive exhibition halls and meeting rooms.

We offer you:

An afternoon to enlighten you, to illuminate physics, to spark your imagination and help you in your decision making when it comes to considering a fascinating career in physics, and potentially in photonics and light technologies.
A unique opportunity for secondary school students, you are Britain’s future scientists. Explore the science of light, the engineering and technology of light and generally find out what “photonics” actually means!

■ Generation of light = Lasers/LEDs
■ Manipulation of light = Fibre optics
■ Detection of light = Optoelectronics
■ Application of light = components/instruments & systems

This free of charge meeting is one of the activities being held to celebrate the International Year of Light within the UK and part of the LIGHT2015 project.


The aim of this LIGHTtalks event is to create awareness amongst students - at a time when they are having to make decisions about their future - about the potential of photonics as a rewarding career choice. LIGHTtalks will comprise a programme of hand-picked speakers covering the following topics:

■ Why photonics is interesting
■ How does photonics impact society through what I do?
■ Economic impact of photonics
■ Passion for photonics as a career path
■ Potential of jobs in photonics - what options are there?
■ Promoting photonics careers for women
■ Alternative careers

The day will end with an interesting visit to the PHOTONEX exhibition where students can talk to people who work with photonics every day of their lives. PHOTONEX is the UK’s Premier Photonics Event, an impressive exhibition of 100+ companies all with components, instruments and systems on their stands. With working demonstrations on their stands designed to inspire.

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October 15, 20152015-10-15T02:30:00
Coventry, England