LIGHTtalks: Careers in Photonics | Bulgaria

Jun 11.

This LIGHTtalk: Careers in Photonics is organized as accompaning event to NATIONAL SEMINAR “LIGHT AND THE UNIVERSE”, 11-12 june 2015, to be held in the city of Jambol, Bulgaria. Within half a day a number of talks will be given. The event is focused to bring photonics and photonic technologies to the public and especially to students both on high school and university level, and to promote photonics during the International Year of Light (IYL 2015).

The speakers will present inspirational talks on different aspects of careers in photonics, academic research, photonics in medicine, astronomy and space research, small and medium companies. At the end of the day a round table discussion will be organized. The main goals are highlighting the importance of Photonics as a career option and its potential; awareness of cross disciplinarity of Photonics related careers: people with different backgrounds have come to work in photonics; people use photonics to work in different disciplines; promoting careers for women in photonics.

Some accompaning events to the LIGHTtalk will be organized in celebrating IYL2015, to mention the Reporting to the National Essay and Drawing Contest „Light in nature” and Opening of an exhibition of paintings (high school students); or “Sun and light in the worldview of the ancient Thracians” - Visit to the Thracian rock astronomical sanctuary “Zaichi vruh”.

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June 11, 20152015-06-11T02:30:00
Jambol, Bulgaria