LIGHTtalks are inspirational events with live presenters from the scientific and industrial communities speaking about different aspects of photonics, in a predefined format, to promote the importance of photonic technologies to the public. Particular targets are students, entrepreneurs and industry leaders, highlighting photonics as a driver of entrepreneurship and industry. The LIGHT2015 Consortium has a specific focus on promoting photonics among women.

The multidisciplinary approach used in these events, bringing together the different aspects of the field in particular combining technological and scientific content will be appealing to different audiences. The structure of these events will be defined to enable easy replication across Europe.  The , identification of the speakers by each country will ensure that they are adapted to the local circumstances.

The LIGHTtalks have been originated on the GoPhoton! Project and they will be replicated through Europe using the EPS and EOS networks.

To support these events, and to ensure the durable impact of this activity, a set of two videos will be prepared by the LIGHT2015 Consortium. One will be focused on giving a broad overview of the multidisciplinary nature of photonics, highlighting the main areas in which photonic technologies are being applied. Furthermore, this video would be especially directed to business people; specifically, to industry professionals that are potential users of photonics technologies. The other video will be developed especially to promote the importance of photonics in careers, with short explanations by students, scientists, entrepreneurs and professionals working in photonics to provide inspiration to look at photonics as a career choice.

All videos will have subtitles in all official EU languages.