European leaders in photonics research and outreach are behind the LIGHT2015 project. Its management includes organisations and individuals involved in the leadership of the global IYL2015 (ensuring optimal leverage through international actions), three members of the Board of Stakeholders of Photonics 21 (ensuring linkage to the Photonics 21 network) and members of the FP7 funded project GoPhoton! (ICOF, POLIMI, NUI). The consortium contains Europe’s major scientific societies in physics and optics, the European Physical Society (EPS) and the European Optical Society (EOS), as well as key members of the European Consortium for Outreach in Photonics (ECOP). It also contains partners that belong to the EU-wide network of outreach and education in optical science (EPS, EOS, EYESTvzw) and that have unique expertise in implementation of hands-on photonics outreach and education (Universiteit Leiden, EYESTvzw).